During the Saxo Bank Dam tot Dam FietsClassic, all routes are provided with yellow arrow signs from Le Champion. To stay on the route, follow the arrows.

150 km

The 150 km is the longest and most popular distance. This route has been renewed this year! From the departure on the Dam, the participants cycle through the historic city center of Amsterdam. The elongated peloton finds its way to the IJtunnel via the Damstraat, Kloveniersburgwal and Nieuwmarkt. After this unique passage, the route continues over parts of the Dam tot Damloop course to Dams such as Zaandam, Schoorldam and Krabbendam. Along the route are care stations in Alkmaar, Obdam and Monnickendam.

105 km

Also a big part of this route has been renewed this year! After Zaandam, this route leaves the 150 km route. The participants cycle through the water-rich polders of the Wormer to the care station in Purmerend. The cyclists then go to Schardam, where the route meets again with the 150 km. After Edam and Volendam follows the cozy care post in Monnickendam. Via Uitdam and Durgerdam the route continues over the bridges of Amsterdam through the city center back to the finish on the Dam.

85 km

If you find the 105 km route a bit too long and the 60 km route is not enough for you, choose the 85 km route! Like the other routes, you will see the center of Amsterdam awaken and then cycle into the IJtunnel. You cycle along the Dam to Damloop course in the direction of Zaandam and quickly exchange the busy city life for the natural environment above Amsterdam. After recreation area Twiske you cycle along Purmerend to Edam and Volendam from where you and the participants of the longer distances cycle towards the care station in Monnickendam.

60 km

The 60 km route is popular among recreational as well as performance cyclists and follows its own path in Zaandam where the first care station is located after the Dam tot Damloop course. These participants cycle through the beautiful Waterland to Ilpendam and Monnickendam. After the care post where the participants of the longer distances also take a break, the 60 km route follows its own way back to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam North, participants in the Dam tot Damloop walk underneath you as you cycle on the viaduct, a unique sight! Via the Buiksloterwegveer you return to the heart of Amsterdam from where it is still a short bike ride to the finish.

40 km - Longfonds Route

The shortest distance at the BinckBank Dam to Dam FietsClassic is particularly popular with the recreational touring cyclist. This distance can also be easily completed on your city bike! This route has been renamed the Longfonds Route, because the Longfonds is the charity of the FietsClassic. If you cycle the 40 km, you will encounter tips and facts about healthy air and healthy lungs along the way. For example, did you know that you breathe 20,000 times every day?

After the IJtunnel and Zaandam, this route goes through the Twiske nature reserve to Landsmeer. At Watergang, the ferry is used to bring the participants to the other side of the North Holland canal. Immediately after this crossing, a cozy care post has been set up especially for this route in a beautiful spot on the water where you can catch your breath. In Amsterdam North, participants in the Dam tot Damloop walk underneath you as you cycle over the viaduct. A beautiful sight and a nice place to encourage the thousands of runners. Then you sail with the Buiksloterwegveer over the IJ back to the city center from where it is still a short distance to the finish on the Dam.